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BODHIDRUM was initiated in the year.....with the sole aim of encouraging the teachers of the institution to undertake research and challenge the imminent research attitude in the academia. The initial volumes started with the write-ups mostly from the students, research scholars and teachers of the college and within the jurisdiction of the State of Assam. The volume then came up with a new development with the introduction of the ISSN number in the year.... that still restricted to the research papers of scholars and teachers of higher education institutions within the state.
This volume slightly deviates from the earlier publications as we are venturing out by calling for papers from other colleges and universities expanding our areas both geographically and academically.
However, we would also like to declare that the journal is neither indexed nor started the process. But we aspire to make it one of the widely published journals in the academia as well as in the practical field giving an impetus in creating a prospective indexed journal. We, therefore, look forward to your valuable writings which we believe will be beneficial and supportive in achieving and accomplishing our goal.



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